Though it does take some learning, speed up wordpress site – – the ease of use and the many other plugins and companies that support the plugin add a lot to its popularity. And even though a lot of what we know about what SEO is has changed, a lot of things have stayed important – like creating content that is optimized for Google search. There is a lot to love about the JetPack plugin, making it another must-have WordPress plugin.

  • When you find it, double click it and it should start uploading into your website
  • The Admin Account information (username, password, email) for accessing the backend of the site
  • Server access is a must. Without it, you won’t be able to host your website
  • 3 Way to fix error “your boot partition is on a disk using the gpt partitioning”

The WordPress plugin integrates into a post or page by the use of shortcodes, and you can pretty much customize the input forms and dropdown menus as to say whatever you like. You can use the normal Plugins interface to do this. The WP REST API can help with that as well.

You can also make some of the boxes as “required” with this plugin, for example, the email address or phone number box. Now the majority of low-cost website hosting providers have only a couple of data centers around the world, which means if a user is trying to access your site from China, for example, it has to travel all the way from, say, San-Antonio, Texas.

Even a minor version upgrade can bring a site to it’s knees if the code hasn’t been properly vetted or tested for compatibility with WordPress or other plugins. WooCommerce is the WordPress blog plugin that revolutionized eCommerce plugins for WordPress. It’s no wonder so many people use this WordPress plugin in their blog.

The only cost that it involves is on the WordPress blog development, which means one only needs to pay for hiring a reliable and reputed WordPress development company to fulfill his/her online business requirements. It’s a very simple and much-needed WordPress plugin for creating different types of contact forms. By creating an XML sitemap, your site is much easier for Google to crawl and read, thus helping your site rank higher.